Vika Bereza

Annie Lane came recommended to us from our venue, and we can see why! Eva, our decorator, was very knowledgeable in helping us come up with a decor package that fit our needs. She helped us to weed out what we needed and what we could do without or what was already provided from our venue. It was important to us to have ceiling swag that provided enough height clearance for us and some tall guests- she delivered perfectly! Very flexible and accommodating. We had to change our date and color scheme because of COVID (from spring to fall) and Eva took our changes in stride and worked with us to ensure a cohesive look. She was also able to set up early since we had access to our space early, which took stress off of us for the wedding day. She comes back to tear down after the event, which was great and hands off for us too. Would definitely recommend Anni Lane Decor.

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