Wedding Backdrops

Cross-Over Design Backdrop
Multi-Drape Wedding Backdrop in silver, white and lace
Leanne Elegance Backdrop
Vertical Drape Custom Backdrop with Heritage Chandeliers
Catalina Backdrop with Uplighting
Anabelle Backdrop
Simple Elegance Backdrop
Crawford Backdrop with Uplighting & Silver Brooches
Window Style Backdrop
Simple Elegance Backdrop
Barn Door Backdrop with Waterfall of Lights Wall
Multi-Coloured Custom Backdrop
Simple Elegance Backdrop on Airwall
Simple Elegance Backdrop in White Sheer Base with Champagne Sheer Valances
Waterfall of Lights Wall Draping
Barn Doors with a Waterfall of Lights Backdrop - Christmas Theme Wedding
Barn Doors with a Waterfall of Lights Backdrop - Christmas Theme Ceremony
Trio Border Valance Backdrop
Ashley Backdrop in Royal Blue & White
Ashley Backdrop for Ceremony
16' Barn Door Backdrop for rent
3 Panel Custom Window Drape Backdrop in Blush Chiffon
Air Wall Draping with Uplighting
Custom Window Drape Backdrop with Curly Willow Trees & Fairy Lights
Metal Archway Decorated
Trio Border Valance Backdrop
Custom Backdrop with Curly Willow Trees
Window Pane Trio Backdrop
Blush 30' Window-Style backdrop
Simple Elegance Backdrop Deer Creek Audley Hall
Simple Elegance Backdrop Ajax CC
Leanne Elegance Backdrop with added Gold Brentmore Stands & Florals on the sides
Ashley Backdrop in Black & White with Crystals
Simple Elegance with Waterfall of Lights
Simple Elegance Backdrop with Upighting
Waterfall of Lights Backdrop
Custom Vertical Drape Backdrop in Blush~Gold~Crimson with Heritage Chandeliers
Simple Elegance with Waterfall of Lights Backdrop
Simple Elegance with Royal Blue Valances & Uplighting
Simple Elegance Backdrop - LVIV Hall
Simple Elegance Backdrop with Crimson Valances - Westney Hall Deer Creek
Waterfall of Lights in Taunton Alcove, Deer Creek
Custom 3-Panel Backdrop with Trio of Anastasia Chandeliers
15' Barn Doors with Waterfall of Lights Backdrop
Ashley Backdrop in Gold Lame & Crystals
Airwall Draping with LED Uplighting, Deer Creek
Airwall Draping as Backdrop to head table, Deer Creek
Waterfall of Lights in Alcove of Westney Hall, Deer Creek
Entranceway in White Sheer with Greenery Tie Backs
Metal Archway with Blush Chiffon & Fresh Florals
Custom Window Style Backdrop in White & Gold Lame
Leanne Garland Backdrop with Waterfall of Lights - Ceremony Set up
Air Wall Draping with Blue LED Uplighting, Ajax CC
Leanne Garland Backdrop with Waterfall of Lights
Simple Elegance Backdrop with Waterfall of Lights
Sweetheart Waterfall of Lights Backdrop
Diamond Style Vertical Drape Backdrop
Ashley Style Backdrop with Cinderella Table Decor
Trellis + Waterfall of Lights Backdrop
New Barn Door Backdrops available for rent!
30' Ashley Backdrop with Royal Blue Base & Crystals, LED Uplighting
Simple Elegance Backdrop with a Blush Sequin Sweetheart Table
Faux Greenery Backdrop with Waterfall of Lights, Thank you Lindsie Grey Photography for Pic
Arbour/Waterfall of Lights Combo ,Thank you Lindsie Grey Photography for Pic
Huppa Design Backdrop, Deer Creek Audley Hall
Custom 3-Panel Backdrop with Heritage Chandelier, Guild Inn
Simple Elegance Backdrop with added Waterfall of Lights , Nestleton Waters Inn
Waterfall of Lights Backdrop, Royal Ashburn
Holiday Gardens - Full Wall of Waterfall of Lights
Holiday Gardens
Blush & Champagne Custom Backdrop, Whitby Yacht Club
Trio Vertical Drape Backdrop Compton Room, Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Trio Border Valance backdrop with White Twig Trees, Deer Creek Audley Hall
Wedding Arbour & Waterfall of Lights Backdrop
Vertical Drape Trio Backdrop in Black & White
Waterfall of Lights Backdrop in White Sheer
Window Trio Backdrop in Blush & White with Crystals
Grace Style Backdrop - Black Sheer Base with Royal Blue Borders
Blush Window Style Backdrop with our Heritage Chandelier and Champagne Stripe Elegant!
Wall of Sheer for Divider Wall, Deer Creek Taunton Hall
Lace & Grace Style Backdrop, Nestleton Waters Inn
Simple Elegance Backdrop (Cross-Over Design) with Turquoise Valances
30' Vertical Drape Backdrop with Crystals
Vertical Drape Trio , Nestleton Waters Inn
Vertical Drape Backdrop with Crystals, Deer Creek Banquet Hall
Simple Elegance Backdrop, Ajax Convention Centre
Grace Backdrop with Silver Sheer Valances
Crystal Backdrop with Navy Satin Border
Vertical Drape Backdrop all in White Sheer
Huppa Style Backdrop over Head table
Custom Criss Cross Backdrop
Simple Elegance Backdrop, Newcastle Town hall
Lake House Upper Patio Valancing
Criss Cross Backdrop with Large Urns/Pedestals & Rose Balls
Crystal Curtain Wall over Black Sheer, with Uplighting